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The Anfi-Tec UPC (Universal PWM Cooling) universal waterblocks feature robust...mer

The Anfi-Tec UPC (Universal PWM Cooling) universal waterblocks feature robust materials and timeless design which makes them perfect for any system.  Only High-grade materials such as electrolyte copper (depending on the waterblock also in combination with stainless steel) as well as the robust industrial plastic POM are used. This material is extremely durable over a wide temperature range. At the same time the good processability allows manufacturing of products in great quality and a low price. One of the most well-known brand names for this plastic is Delrin from the company DuPont.
The main goal during development of this waterblock was excellent performance combined with extremely low flow resistance. Another advantage of this waterblock is that clogging, which is common amongst nozzle and Fin-waterblocks, will not occur with this design.
Special attention was paid towards variable mounting of this waterblock (e.g. for use of a 3-way SLI graphics card array). In close cooperation with users a product was developed which distinctively sets itself apart from the standard mass-production pieces from the large manufacturers.
A minimalistic and elegant appearance - guaranteed to be hand-made! Please also note our
print-out drawings regarding compatibility questions!

Feature overview:

  • Excellent flow performance especially with powerful pumps such as the Laing DDC
  • Clogging virtually impossible
  • Only highest-grade materials are used
  • Great cooling performance
  • Matching design of all waterblocks
  • All waterblocks can be mixed as required
  • G1/4" connection threads allow easy and versatile connection
  • 3 different pairs of mounting latches
  • Mounting latches mountable in all 4 corners
  • Absolutely flexible on almost all available Mainboards with variable mounting latches
  • Can be reused when changing the Mainboard
  • German quality product

We recommend use of compression fittings and 10/8mm tubing. The order of waterblocks in the loop is of minor importance.

Technical specifications:
Cooling plate material: Highly pure electrolyte copper
Top material: POM
Connection thread size: G1/4" (DIN ISO 228-1)
Connection thread distance: 38mm (hole centre to hole centre)
Compatible with: see compatibility list
Baseplate size: 1
3mm x 66.5mm

Extent of delivery (bulk):
3 different mounting latches
Mounting material
German and English manual

Please note: Most manufacturers do not intend their hardware for removal of the original heatsinks. Therefore a loss of warranty must be expected when exchanging coolers. We are not liable for any damages occurring or being caused before, during or after installation or any other resulting damages. Please work accordingly careful with your hardware and extensively test for correct installation and tightness of the system before booting up your PC! Check all new hardware for correct operation before mounting any waterblocks to cover possible previous damages before loosing warranty!

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