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10/8mm (8x1mm) kompressionsanslutning G1/4 90° roterbar

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High quality angled (elbow) screw-on fitting with cylindrical threads (G1/4) for 10/8mm tubing....mer

High quality angled (elbow) screw-on fitting with cylindrical threads (G1/4) for 10/8mm tubing. The fitting is angled by 90° and can be rotated freely (360°). Ideal for Chipset- or graphics card cooling as well as self-constructions where angled fittings have advantages. The hose is fixated and sealed tightly by the union nut, yet it can be released easily with one hand. This system ensures maximum safety and ease of installation.

Material: Brass
Extent of delivery: Screw-on fitting with O-Ring and union nut.
Connectors: Cylindrical G1/4 Inch threads and tube connector for 8x1mm

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Tekniska detaljer och videor mer
Tekniska detaljer
Material: Mässing
Gänglängd: 5mm
Kompabilitet: Mjuka slangar (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Andra ingång: G1/4" yttre gänga
Specifikation: Form: 90° vinklad
Färg: Silver nickel
Tillverkare: Aquatuning
Första ingång: 10/8mm
Roterande: Ja - 360°
Frågor & Svar mer
Frågor & Svar
Frage von Mads Y. vom 10. October 2016
Could you please measure the height of this item? Specifically the height from the nut at the G1/4 end and towards the angle. I want to see if it fits between two graphic cards.
Antwort von Administrator vom 10. October 2016
Hello, it is 3,2cm tall from the G 1/4 end towards the angle
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