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Sharkoon Silent Eagle SE ( 120x120x25mm )

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Alphacool Susurro Vibrationsdämpande Silikon Fläktram - 120mm - universal
Alphacool Susurro Vibrationsdämpande Silikon Fläktram - 120mm - universal
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Tekniska detaljer och videor mer
Tekniska detaljer
Tillverkare: Sharkoon
LED: Ej tillgänglig
Strömanslutning: 4Pin Molex, 3Pin Molex
Ljudnivå: 10,0 dB(A)
Strömförbrukning: 1,2 W
Volymintervall: 2,16 W
Luftflöde: 100,00 m³/h
Lufttryck: 1,00 mm H2O
Bladfärg: vit
Intervall luftflöde: 100 - 149 m³/h
Storlek: 120mm
Nominell hastighet: 1200 U/min
Hastighetsintervall: 1000 - 1450 U/min
Signal fläkthastighet: Ja
Effektmärkning: 12V DC
Färg på ram: svart
Dimensioner: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Startspänning: 6,5V DC
The Silent Eagle SE fan from Sharkoon is the first fan to offer a modular...mer

The Silent Eagle SE fan from Sharkoon is the first fan to offer a modular cable management system.

Besides the extremely low starting voltage of 6V (80mm version) respectively 6,5V (120mm version) the modular cable management system is another innovation by Sharkoon implemented in this fan.
The centrally placed QuickConnect interface allows easy and quick connection of the cables which allows replacement without deinstallation of the fan.

The versatility of this fan is improved even further with the TwinRun technology which allows operation of this fan both as a PWM or linear fan.  Simply connect one of the four included adaptor cables (Standard, Low Noise, Silent or Ultra-Silent) and control, the fan either by voltage or with the PWM function of your Mainboard.

the newly developed Enduro bearing allows quiet-running operation and high Airflow at the same time by utilizing exact rotor alignment and and a larger lubricant reservoir which also allows a much elongated lifespan compared to other floating bearings used in fans.

the Silent Eagle SE is available in a 80mm and a 120mm version and is perfectly suited for many applications such as HDD or CPU cooling or as a case fan etc.

Equipped with a revolutionary cable management system
Suitable for all applications (CPU cooler, case fan, PWM etc.)
Fan blades with repeatedly awarded Dimple design
Precision bearing with exact rotor alignment for minimized wear
Increased lubricant reservoir for long-lasting silent operation
Efficient Low-Noise motor

Starting voltage: DC 6,5V
Current draw: 0,1A
Max power consumption: 1,2W
Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Nominal speed: 1200rpm

Extent of delivery:
Modular Silent Eagle SE fan
Fan installation screws
Rubber bolts and washers
Cable kit:
   - Cable ''standard'' 4-Pin to 4-Pin PWM (Color: white)
   - Cable ''low noise'': 4-Pin to 4-Pin 12V (Color: black)
   - Cable ''silent'': 4-Pin to 4-Pin 9V (Color: red)
   - Cable ''ultra-silent'': 4-Pin to 4-Pin 7V (Color: blue)



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