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Phobya Balancerare 450 svart nickel 2. kvalitet

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Tekniska detaljer och videor mer
Tekniska detaljer
Tillverkare: Phobya
Typ av reservoar: Reservoar 50mm
Kompabilitet: till flödespumpar
Förinstallerad pump: Nej
Anslutning: G1/4" innergänga
Fillport: G1/4" inre gänga
LED hål: Ej tillgänglig
Färg: svart nickel
Material: POM, Mässing
Antal anslutningar: 4
Dimensioner: 50 x 50 x 450mm
Another innovative component for your watercooling system by Phobya! The newest innovations...mer

Another innovative component for your watercooling system by Phobya! The newest innovations combined with exclusive appearance and proven functionality.

Design and technology are the main points which make the difference in the watercooling sector. Many manufacturers are trying to combine excellence in both sector, but only few succeed. Phobya has managed to combine features which are unique in the watercooling sector.

The top and bottom are made from solid metal and combined with a transparent tube made from Plexi. Shining gold plating, silver or a black nickel finish are the first available colours. The reservoirs are available in 150mm, 250mm and 450mm length, allowing use in virtually any case size.

The reservoir is shipped with two black mounts with safety latch. These mounting clips have a foam plastic sheet at their inside to protect the Plexi of the reservoir.

Versatility and functionality were a great factor when designing this reservoir. You will notice the large number of connection threads, two at the bottom and two at the side of the bottom piece, which allows a great variety of mounting possibilities. The threads at the side especially make horizontal installation of the reservoir easily possible, giving you a whole array of new possibilities. The fifth connection thread in the top piece can be used as an In- our outlet when installed horizontally or for connection of a Fillport etc. Another possibility is to equip the unused threads with lighting modules to shine a whole new light on your reservoir!

Of course an ''Anti-cyclone'' was integrated. This separating plate prevents vortexing inside of the reservoir and also prevents stronger pumps to suck in air bubbles from the inlet.

Of course all connection threads in the reservoir are 1/4" in size. Thee nickel plated screw plugs are included for the unused threads. Both bottom and top piece may be removed for cleaning of the tube. All mounting material is also included!

Note! The outer diameter is 50mm, the inner diameter is 40mm. So the thickness of the wall is 5mm. The thread M42x1.5.

Technical specifications:
Material: Brass, Plexi
Colour: Black nickel coated
Dimensions (DxH): 50 x 450mm
Connection threads: 4x1/4" in bottom piece, 1x1/4" in top piece
Weight: 1100g + 2x 30g mounting clamps
Pressure tested: 2 bar

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya Balancer 450 black nickel
2x Plastic mounting clamps
2x 16mm mounting screws with nuts & washers

Note regarding second quality: This item is fully functional and in no way functionally damaged. The faults are minor and purely of optical nature, showing slight colour differences in the coating or light scratches on the surface.

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