XSPC Acrylic Dual 5.25" Reservoar till Laing D5 - svart

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Tekniska detaljer
Anslutning: G1/4" innergänga
Antal anslutningar: 1
Dimensioner: 149 x 85,6 x 60,5mm
Fillport: Ej tillgänglig
Färg: svart
Förinstallerad pump: Nej
Kompabilitet: för 1x D5
LED hål: Tillgänglig (för 5mm LEDs)
Material: POM
Tillverkare: XSPC
Typ av reservoar: 2x 5 1/4" Bay-reservoar
The latest generation of the Dual XSPC 5.25" bay reservoir! This version is designed for a Laing...mer

The latest generation of the Dual XSPC 5.25" bay reservoir! This version is designed for a Laing D5 pump.

A beautiful and practical design make this Dual Bay reservoir a great addition to your system. Installation is easy and over in a bit: Simply push into the vancant drive bays and fixate with screws (this can even be left out in some enclosures with tool-free drive bays, e.g. Chieftec or Coolermaster) - and you're done! For filling just pull out a little, remove the screw plug, fill in the coolant, reinsert screw plug and push the reservoir back in.
But not only the quick installation without drilling into the enclosure is great, this slot-in reservoir is also a must for users with little space inside of the enclosure. Shipped with a blue LED, it is additionally possible to use the reservoir for some elegant lighting effects.
get this eyecatcher for your system, and allow a peek into the cooling loop from the front of the enclosure!

Technical specifications:
Dimensions : 149 x 85,6 x 60,5 mm
Material: Acetal
LED holes: 1 x 5mm
Capacity: 300ml

Extent of delivery:
1x XSPC Acrylic Dual 5.25" Reservoir for Laing D5 - Black
8x Screws
1x Blue LED

Please note: This reservoir can only be installed on Laing D5 pumps which are equipped with the standard thread rom by Laing.

Attention! On this product, is given warranty by the manufacturer XSPC only one year . 


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