Aquacomputer Singel kortplats framplatta till GTX 480 och GTX 470

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Tekniska detaljer
Antal kortplatser: 1
Funktion: Nvidia GTX
Tillverkare: Aquacomputer
Replacement slot cover for graphics card from the GTX480 and GTX470 series with single width....mer

Replacement slot cover for graphics card from the GTX480 and GTX470 series with single width. When using a waterblock from the aquagrATIx and aquagraFX series the slot usually blocked by the stock heatsink directly next to the graphics card can be used again. Especially in Multi-GPU systems this only makes use of further expansion cards possible. This slot cover is mounted replacing the original slot cover which takes up two slots.

Please note that when using the aquagraFX GTX480 the backplate of the waterblock extends into the neighboured slot area and hence only cards with a low profile can be used.

Extent of delivery:
One slot cover made from stainless steel

Graphics card and waterblock not included!

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