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Tekniska detaljer
Anslutning: 4x G1/4
Material kylplatta: Koppar
Material överdel: Rostfritt stål
Modell på hårdvara: GTX 480
SLI kompatibel: Ja (med SLI-anslutning)
Tillverkare: Watercool
Tillverkare av hårdvara: NVIDIA
Typ av kylare: Komplett kylare
Its unique design allows the HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ GTX480 to achieve it's unusual...mer

Its unique design allows the HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ GTX480 to achieve it's unusual performance: A cooling performance up to par with current CPU waterblocks as well as a compact design and highest-grade materials are the features of the new GPU-X³ series.
The cooling components which are in contact with water are made completely from highly pure electrolytic copper. A specially fine micro-structure was integrated above the GPU. Combined with the low cooling plate remaining thickness an optimal cooling performance is achieved. In all relevant areas insulating spacers are integrated. This allows hassle-free installation of the waterblock.
To keep both flow resistance as well as the overall weight as low as possible, all channels are machined with extremely large diameters. The connection threads on both sided of the waterblock allow versatile integration into the cooling loop.
For use in SLI systems optimized Dual and Triple SLI adaptors are available.
The VRM area is stabilized by a special included backplate.

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Technical specifications:
Material: Electrolyte copper, stainless steel, POM
Dimensions (LxWxH): 172,0 x 117,0 x 11,5mm
Weight: 850g
Connection threads: 4x G1/4" (DIN EN ISO 228-1)
Pressure tested: 5 bar
Compatible with: Nvidia GTX480 (reference design)

Extent of delivery:
1x Backplate GTX480
1x Mounting material

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