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XSPC Razor GTX Titan / 780 / 780Ti V2

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Tekniska detaljer
Anslutning: 7x G1/4
Material kylplatta: Koppar
Material överdel: Aluminium
Modell på hårdvara: GTX 780, GTX 780 Ti
SLI kompatibel: Ja (med SLI-anslutning)
Tillverkare: XSPC
Tillverkare av hårdvara: NVIDIA
Typ av kylare: Komplett kylare
Full Cover GTX Titan and GTX780 Water-Block with multiport connector. We are proud to introduce...mer

Full Cover GTX Titan and GTX780 Water-Block with multiport connector.

We are proud to introduce our new design for Razor GPU blocks. We have continued with the styling from our RayStorm series so you can now have a full set of matching XSPC blocks. We have also significantly improved cooling performance by reducing the fin width from 1mm to 0.5mm, this dramatically increases the surface area.

Although we have used an acrylic top for aesthetics we have a thin stainless steel plate between the copper base and the acrylic. This allows us to use LED lighting, while keeping the strength and reliability of an all metal waterblock.

The new multiport connector gives you many choices for neatly routing your tubing. We have two G1/4″ ports on the front and back of the block, two on the top, plus a side port, giving 7 ports in total. The multiport connector is compatible with our new SLI flow bridge.

- CNC machined copper base
 - 0.5mm fins for high performance
 - Stainless steel top
 - Acrylic layer with 3mm LED holes
 - Brushed aluminium faceplate

- Dimensions: 266.7 x 124.4 x 25mm
 - Prepared for SLI with 7 G1/4″ ports
 - Supports GTX Titan and GTX780 cards
 (Nvidia reference design only)

Supplied with twin LED, mounting kit, G1/4″ plugs, thermal pads and thermal paste

Attention! On this product, is given warranty by the manufacturer XSPC only one year.

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