universal G1/4' anslutning 5-vägs, nickelbelagd

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Tekniska detaljer
Andra ingång: G1/4" inre gänga
Färg: svart nickel
Första ingång: G1/4" inre gänga
Gänglängd: 7-8mm
Kompabilitet: Mjuka slangar (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Material: Mässing
Roterande: Nej
Specifikation: Form: X-bit
Tillverkare: Aquatuning
The universal divider for all G1/4" fittings! This connector block can be configured as a...mer
The universal divider for all G1/4" fittings!

This connector block can be configured as a divider or be used if the cooling loop is extended without having to reinstall the complete system or e.g. as a divider for a deaeration vent. The not included plug caps can be used on all 5 threads, therefore giving a maximum of flexibility. The block is designed to not create any additional flow resistance!

Technical data:
Material: Nickel coated brass
Height: 17mm
Width: 46mm
Thread size: G1/4"

Extent of delivery:
1x universal connector block, 5-way G1/4"

Note: Due to the low depth of the threads of only 5mm some fittings may require spacer rings (Art.No.: 14087, 14151 or 95008)

Important: To ensure a proper seal we recommend the use of Phobya Thread sealing (Art.No.: 32002) or a gasket (Art.No.: 95002).
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