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Vinklad adapter 45° roterbar G1/4" till G1/4" inre gänga- räfflad - mattsvart

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Tekniska detaljer och videor mer
Tekniska detaljer
Andra ingång: G1/4" inre gänga
Färg: svart matt
Första ingång: G1/4" yttergänga
Gänglängd: 5mm
Kompabilitet: Mjuka slangar (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Material: Mässing
Roterande: Ja - 360°
Specifikation: Form: 45° vinklade
Tillverkare: Aquatuning
45° Angled adaptor revolvable G1/4" inner thread to outer thread, knurled. Everybody...mer

45° Angled adaptor revolvable G1/4" inner thread to outer thread, knurled.

Everybody knows the problem: The hose twists, the fittings don't quite fit... what to do? This is the solution! A bearing at the thread gives maximum versatility and the tubing can be installed just as you like! Just connect the fitting needed and it can easily be revolved to fit!

The best thing about this adaptor is that it was constructed without any conjunctions which makes it truly High-flow capable!

Technical specifications:
Material: Brass (matte black)
Dimensions: 28x17,1mm
Thread length: 4mm

Extent of delivery:
1x Angled adaptor 45° revolvable G1/4" outer thread to G1/4" inner thread - knurled - matte black


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14 aug 2014

I went for the adaptors from Aquatuning and the ModMyToys black/red carbon compression fittings, and I'm really happy with both. Those adaptors from Aquatuning are great, good looking, solid, and indeed they allow for good flow. Great build quality. Watch out though, these in particular have a smaller size in the inside, so less flow than the other Aquatuning adaptors. I will exchange mine, but with another Aquatuning adaptor :)



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