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Behr Eurolite ljusstav röd 4,5x39mm 2 st

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Glow sticks are not only great at parties, they are also an interesting option for lighting...mer

Glow sticks are not only great at parties, they are also an interesting option for lighting inside a PC. Be it for a photography session or for public appearances such as LAN parties or simply when showing the system to friends. With these glow sticks your system is always a looker!

Special features of this model for computer use:
This small glow stick is perfect to be put into the reservoir. The circulation and use of different colours creates an effect which was not possible to be achieved before.

To light the glow stick, bend in the middle until a cracking noise can be heard. Shake gently and the the glow stick will shine for hours.


  • High-end quality, proven million-fold
  • Light for more than 12 hours
  • Shelf life of over 2 years (store cool and dry)
  • Strong luminance
  • No sharp edges
  • Extremely rugged, protects from spilling
  • Non-toxic

Technical specifications:
Material: Plastic
Illuminant: Depending on the colour BPEA, DPA, Rubren or Rhodamin
Colour: Red
Dimensions (DxL): 4.5x39mm

Extent of delivery:
2x Behr Eurolite glow stick red 4,5x39mm


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