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Molex 4 Pin plugg (Hona)

Molex 4 Pin plugg (Hona)
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For our handy DIY customers: 4-Pin Molex plug. This plug can be...mer

For our handy DIY customers: 4-Pin Molex plug.

This plug can be used for replacement of defective old plugs. It can also be used to create custom connectors and adaptors without a great deal of work. If one wishes to optimize both optics and Airflow in a system by using custom cable length, there is no way around these DIY plugs.
The plugs also give the possibility to lower the supply voltage for e.g. fans by switching the connector pins down to 7V or even 5V to make the system more quiet-running.

The installation is quick and easy: The plug is shipped in twp parts. One is the plastic plug itself and the other are the metal connection pins. Simply insert a bared cable into the metal pin and fixate it by closing the pin's opening with pliers. Then the pin can simply be pushed into the plastic plug where it will lock in place.

Extent of delivery:
4x Metal pins
1x Plastic plug

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