Silverstone fläktfilter magnetisk SST-FF142B 2x140mm

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Tekniska detaljer
Färg: svart
Magnetisk: Ja
Specifikation: Fläktfilter
Storlek: 140mm
Tillverkare: Silverstone
Dust can become the worst enemy of a computer system, reducing cooling performance or even...mer

Dust can become the worst enemy of a computer system, reducing cooling performance or even casing damages by excessive deposits. But most fan filters are a hassle to install, which is why Silverstone has developed a fan filter which can be handled easily - the FF142.

The FF142 has magnets integrated into its frame, making tool-less installation in a magnetic case quick and easy. Its site of 320x155mm is compatible with most fans, allowing it to be used in most applications where a filter is required. When looking for reduced dust deposits in the case, an elongated lifespan for your components and increased cooling efficiency, the FF142 is a great choice!

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 320x155x5mm (WxHxD)
Material: ABS / magnets
Colour: Black

Extent of delivery:
1x Silverstone fan filter magnetic SST-FF142B 2x140mm


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15 okt 2014

Good product.

13 aug 2014

Passt bei mir leider nicht, aber tut was er soll, wenn er passen würde.

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