Phobya SATA 3.0 kabel med säkerhetslås 90cm - svart sleevad

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Connection cable for installation between Mainboard and SATA devices. This cable was used to...mer

Connection cable for installation between Mainboard and SATA devices.

This cable was used to connect different SATA devices such as HDDs or optical drives to the Mainboard. Additionally shielded and insulated, this cable is perfect for use in your PC. The safety latch is an additional safety feature which locks the plug into place to ensure a safe connection. This connection can be loosened by hand by pressing the plug.

This cable is not only practical, it is also optically appealing, The surrounding mesh, also called mesh, which is surrounding the cable itself offers the advantages that every Pro-modder is looking for: A completely unique look, even of the cables in the system! Special attention was paid to the combination of cable connectors, sleeve and heatshrink which were used to ensure great design and a unique as well as elegant look.

The idea behind these cables:
Phobya's goal is to make the work of professional and hobby modders a bit easier with these cables. Sleeving is a lot of work and requires much time. But with these cables by Phobya the whole system can be redesigned any way you like by simply adding these cables.

Technical specifications:
Length: 90cm
Colour: Black sleeve, black connectors, black heatshrink
One angled connector, one straight connector
Connection type: SATA

Extent of delivery:

1x Phobya SATA 3.0 connection cable with safety latch 90cm - black sleeved

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9 nov 2014

Mit diesen Kabeln habe ich meine SSD,HDD und mein Blueray laufwerk angeschlossen alles lief Problemlos.

15 okt 2014

Gut für große tower. super sleeves.

15 okt 2014

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